In-house fabrication facilities ensures the highest quality

UTOC has 5 fabrication workshops spanning within our premise in 352 Jalan Boon lay. The workshops not only support our EPCM project business but also individual fabrication projects for various international and local clients. Apart the fabrication workshops, the premise has 2300 sqm of warehouse space to store the fabrication component till its ready for shipment. This integration of fabrication and warehouse space is only possible due to our new and modern multifunctional building.

As a One-stop solution provider, our capabilities and specialisations for piping, structures and furnace maintenance are always fulfil our client’s requirements.

Our main core specializations are:

  • Furnace Piping
  • Structure fabrication
  • Piping fabrication
  • Pressure vessel fabrication

SS, CS, AS and all metals are designed and fabricated in accordance with international standards such as ASME, TEMA, ASTM, API, and NACE

The 5 fabrication workshops have a combined total of 12,133 square meters of fabrication space and more than 4,320 square meters of storage space, capable of more than 500,000 dB of piping and 5,000 tonnes of structural steel works per year.

Rather than outsourcing, our preference is to maintain all activities in-house with the prospect to sustaining the highest standards and efficiency we are known for throughout the industry