Diligently executed and within budget

UTOC achieved prominence in demolition works due to our emphasis on safe execution and environmental compliances as the works involved heavy machineries, deep excavation, excessive noise, dust generation, and high vibration.

In 2013, UTOC entered into plant demolition operations.

The newscast of UTOC’s immersion in Plant demolition spread rapidly within the industry. Soon we were invited for budgetary quotes for plants in Jurong Island and subsequently awarded several projects.

Demolition works involves;

  • Close coordination and planning with respective Authorities (NEA, JTC, PUB, BCA, NPARK), service providers, and neighboring plants,
  • Environmental baseline & pre-construction survey,
  • Bulk de-contamination of chemical residue, secondary cleaning,
  • Existing facilities termination,
  • Equipment, piping and accessories removal-packing-transport for reuse or selling purpose,
  • Structural demolition,
  • Pile cap survey,
  • Sorting of scrap materials, recycling waste concretes,
  • Land remediation and final land reinstatement (sand backfilling or grass turfing).